I am a mixed medium and glass artist but I have decided to create a website that is about my romantic writing and books.  I started writing when I was having difficulty with my marriage of thirty-eight years.  The thing about waking up and smelling the coffee is that you go through a host of ghosts in a haunted house known as your marriage.

Anger, disbelief, sorrow and disappointment are words I would put to my response to his affair.  That was followed by wonder, guilt and self-acceptance of how things went so bad after years and years of togetherness, best friends and family.  Seriously, how does it just get turned upside down for no reason that makes sense.

I turned to my first body of work called “The Visitor”.  I wrote daily until I finally reached the end of my story and then I filed for divorce.  Two years later, I took that long, long story and broke it up into 6 books about a young woman who learns and grows through the many adventures of her life.

Was I emotionally better when I finished the book?  No but I was stronger and far more accepting that life does not always work out like we thought it would.  I found that writing, like good music, releases those feelings that hold us back.

I moved on and married a world famous Glass Sculpture Artist who is everything I love about another person.

I now have 15 published books on Amazon.  All of them are romantic stories, most are historical which means the background is during a historical event but some are just romances.

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